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wabi-sabi-facadeMarie Gibbons is an adventurer, going places with her art that are fascinating and at first glance disturbing. But upon closer contemplation, the viewer begins to understand, to relate, to  empathize.

Marie’s wabi-sabi series was created in 2008-2009. She has this to say about her work.

“Wabi-sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Wabi-sabi things are usually small and compact, quite and inward-oriented. they beckon, get close,. touch, and relate. they inspire a connection between one thing and another, between people and things.”

Marie’s work in this series embraces her interest in the “imperfect, the damaged, and destroyed that we all experience as human beings.”

wabi-sabi -duplicity

She explains, ” I create these kinds of works through slip casting doll parts and then altering and assembling the pieces. This is all done contrary to the constructions of the original intent of my mold. I want to show the soulful beauty found in any situation should anyone risk the moment to stop and connect. Thus, my creations are meant to be representative of a moment in time and personal experience, each speaking of the simple beauty available in any object or experience.”

I suggest you stop and take in Marie’s work. I know after spending some time with her figures, I found much more than first viewed.

My favorite works of Marie’s are hoarding and hoping series. Delightful characters that make me smile while at the same time the title makes me pause. One is titled – You can keep what you can carry.

hoarding and hoping

hoarding and hoping

She also does fabulous shoes and I wish I could see more of her organics series, She just teases us with her pods.

Her current work is her Milagro series beginning with Matters of the heart.

Milagro Matters of the Heart - Enough

Milagro Matters of the Heart - Enough

In the classical sense, milagros are offered to a favorite saint as a reminder of the petitioner’s particular need, or they are offered to the saint in thanks for a prayer answered.

If, for example, someone has a sore arm, a tiny silver arm is hung on or near the favorite saint; the farmer who hopes that his pig will bear him many healthy piglets, asks his patron saint for intercession, and pins a pig milagro on the saint’s robe. Milagros can be flat, three dimensional, tiny or large; they can be of gold, silver, wood, lead, tin, bone, wax or whatever the petitioner desires.

Marie says that her Milagro Series is about positive affirmations, and the heart is intending to say  I HAVE ENOUGH – I AM ENOUGH – LOVE IS ENOUGH. Thanks for a prayer answered?

Visit Marie’s web site to see more of her work and read more about her creative process. Or visit her studio site, evb – studio to find out about her studio and online classes.

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  1. I would first like to Thank Alice for all she does… this site was a thrill for me to find, and I have been introduced to so many wonderful artists that use the figure in their work because of it!

    I would like to tell you all a little more about my work, typically, it can be read as a bit ‘dark’ by the viewer at first… although that is not my intention. My work is about life experiences, moments in time, and the core of those moments, the lessons, the missed beauty, the acceptance that allows one to find the beauty of the moment and inform the next moment. There is usually a duality found in the work, it can go either way. In a way I feel like the work can serve as a measure of our own state at the moment, is the glass half empty or half full?

    I hope you enjoy viewing these works and will visit my personal website to see more: I also have a studio site: and an ONLINE studio: where people can experience some great little clay workshops through video and pdf instructions!

    Thanks to all for viewing, and again to Alice for introducing my work on her blog!

  2. Alice says:

    Marie, thank you so much for that. I enjoy working on this site and being able to converse with you and the other artists. It’s a pleasure.

  3. My favorite is also the hoarding and hoping. Her work is very strong, even when it has a smile. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Alice says:

    My pleasure PJ. I really enjoy your primitive folk art. You certainly capture the essence on your characters. Thank for letting me know you enjoyed the post.

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