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Figurative Artists Wanted

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My interest in the figure is never ending. I have experimented with many different materials to make my figures and have worked in polymer clay, soft sculpture, and mixed media for years.

But my interest doesn’t stop at mediums that I actually work in, it extends to all forms of figurative art. Every time I begin to search for something on the web, I end up in the most delightful places and discover artists I’ve never heard of and increase my knowledge about myself and what makes me laugh or creates that feeling of awe for the artist’s abilities or the subject matter. It all makes me want to continue to improve.

My goal with this blog is to post about some of the artists that I, and I know many of you, admire and would like to know more about. I plan on adding lots of pictures to inspire us all. I also wish to promote these wonderful artists by showcasing their work.

But I also want to be able to promote new, unknown artists. So let me know who you like and would like to see more of.

If you are a figurative artist, I’d love to hear from you as well. Send me a link to your work.

Please, leave a comment on a post if you enjoyed it. I will love to hear from you.


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Welcome to The Figurative Artbeat

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I’ll be conducting interviews with fabulous figurative artists. Featuring clay, mixed media, polymer clay, fabric, watercolor and more. Join me as I present a colorful journey into the world of the figurative artist.

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